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TheBoneLock™ • 3 pack - Save 10%

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The all-in-one solution to give you cat an escape room for litter & food. Control where your pets go without sacrificing airflow. 

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Why Choose Us

TheBoneLock™ is the true all-in-one solution that conveniently holds your door firmly in a cracked position without alterations to our home.

Maintain fresh air flow and balanced temperatures in your home. Save on energy bills, improve air quality, and prevent damage to your expensive HVAC system, by controlling pet access without closing interior doors.

No more cumbersome baby gates, difficult installations, or altering your home. TheBoneLock lets cats through, keeps dogs & babies out!

TheBoneLock is made of strong commercial ABS & Stainless Steel ball chain! This is the no nonsense all in one solution you've been waiting for!

Easily adjustable with 6 QueickSET positions to allow your cat through with a 3.5 to 5 inch gap or allow only fresh air circulation to improve comfort and energy savings with a 1.5 to 2 inch gap setting.

Flip it over to the universal side for thick exterior doors, even commercial and office doors.

How To Use TheBoneLock™

Conversations With Our Customers

DISCLAIMER: Please remember, TheBoneLock is a convenience device to improve your quality of life. TheBoneLock is not a safety device for children or animals and should never be used when safety is a concern.