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Frequently Asked Questions for TheBoneLock

TheBoneLock is a solid all-in-one device that extends the natural function of your doorknob and frame with the many added benefits of allowing you to firmly hold any residential-style door cracked open an adjustable distance.

At doorknob height, the familiar motion makes effortless use of TheBoneLock from either side of the door to allow convenient access to the secured room to easily control your indoor pet traffic and give your cat a safe place for its food and litter, manage noise and privacy, or endless other reasons, all while maintaining balanced temperatures and fresh airflow throughout your home. 

That depends on your needs. TheBoneLock is specifically designed to make easy work of almost any situation. With 6 Quickset positions you can choose to allow or block as needed, with approximately 1.5 to 4.5 inches of opening.

Quickset 6-TheUniversal: (approx. 4.5 in) - The most airflow and allows hefty cats, while still preventing larger dogs and crawling babies. Also called TheUniversal Quickset because if your door has a knob and a latch, it should work. Just flip over TheBoneLock to the logo side against the door edge and use.

Quickset 4: (approx. 3.5 in) - The favorite position for allowing average sized house cats while preventing even small dogs.

Quickset 1: (approx. 1.5 in) - Allow only fresh temperate airflow. Keep your pets out of spare bedrooms, bathrooms, and home office without sacrificing your comfort or damaging your expensive HVAC by preventing airflow back to the system.

Quicksets 2,3,& 5: We know not all pets are the same size. Kittens, puppies, ferrets… whatever your needs, TheBoneLock goes the extra mile by providing multiple Quicksets to meet them at regular intervals.

YES! Every day we’re amazed by the seemingly endless new uses our customers think of that we honestly never even imagined. Here are some of our serious and fun favorites so far. We’re sure you’ll add more to the list.

The Most Serious: Of course, keeping your interior doors cracked allows airflow, but we didn’t realize it also helps balance temperatures, reduces energy cost, improves air quality, and can improve the life of your HVAC by up to 50%.

No, seriously, closing interior doors have a serious impact on your expensive HVAC system. It creates a vacuum that is hard on the motor and also causes it to pull in air from the outside, attic, and crawl spaces leading to unconditioned air and increased dust, mold, and mildew in your home.

Ever wonder why your closed spare bedroom is hot and smells like a cardboard box? Well, now you do. We learned this from different customers who are homeowners and contractors that build homes, install and repair HVAC, and do electrical work. We’re not joking, do a web search on closing interior doors and HVAC. We did, and they’re right! ~ Thanks, Nathan, Dyllon, James, & Richie!

The Most Fun: Needy pets with separation issues can seriously disturb “romance” time. Evidently, TheBoneLock can allow your pet to feel close enough to stay calm without entering the room and being a real bummer. We’re not sure it works with them all, but it evidently works for one couple who owns TheBoneLock. ~ Thanks Shane & Kayleigh!

More Serious: One customer works in his office and is always on the phone. His coworkers get tired of being disturbed by his noise, but when he closes the door he’s either sweating or freezing depending if the heat or A/C is on. He uses TheBoneLock to easily keep his door cracked for balanced temperatures but block enough of the noise to keep his coworkers happy.  ~ Thanks Devin!

More Fun: Daniel & Jennifer use TheBoneLock for relaxation time on their screened-in back porch. It keeps the dog inside with their older kids and they can still hear if they’re needed. This gives them peace of mind and lets them have a much-needed evening staycation.

Serious: This one came from us, we didn’t realize it until we had the need. We took care of my wife’s father for 2 years after a severe series of strokes left him dependent with severe cognitive and physical impairments. We used TheBoneLock to keep him in comfortable temperatures and to not disturb him sleeping, while still being able to enjoy the TV, each other, and hear him if he needed us. It really made our lives better, and we have customers who have used it for similar reasons with young children and dependent loved ones.

Fun: Bridgett loves TheBoneLock because she likes to take hot showers and her 150-pound Anatolian Shepherd doesn’t understand that she leaves the door open to let the steam out, NOT to let him in the shower with her. Needless to say, her showers have gotten a lot more enjoyable with TheBoneLock.

Serious Fun: We never thought about it, but a couple of our customers have told us how they love that TheBoneLock is so portable and easy to use because they take it on trips and use it when staying with friends & family. They use it on Quickset 1 or 2, to keep fresh air flowing while maintaining their privacy and keeping out the house pets. Very cool! Literally.  ~ Thanks Michael, & Camilla!

Any interior or exterior door will work. However, the most popular places for the cat’s litter box tend to be bathrooms, laundry rooms, and spare bedrooms. It doesn’t matter which way the door swings. Just throw it on and choose your Quickset position. 

Although TheBoneLock™ does work well with crawling babies and pets, always remember when it comes to child and pet safety, a product should never be used to replace adult supervision.

Similarly, TheBoneLock™ is intended to improve the quality of life for pet owners and should never be used when safety is a concern, especially with children or aggressive pets.


TheBoneLock™ works with standard and non-standard doors and doors with all handle types. It even works great on office, exterior, and french doors.

TheBoneLock™ comes pre-adjusted for most doors, just throw the loop ball chain over the doorknob, swing it up over the latch on the edge of the door, and let it snap into place in the strike plate on the door frame. It’s that simple. But we made an installation video and guide just in case you need to adjust it for your door. Once it’s adjusted, though, TheBoneLock™ will work flawlessly time after time. Click here to view our installation guide.

…Seriously? Ok, you take it off the doorknob. If you change your mind, put it back on the door knob. :) It doesn’t get any easier than this folks. Unless you had a butler whose only job was to manage your doors, but that’d cost a LOT more.

Yes! TheBoneLock is made of strong, rigid industrial ABS and a stainless steel ball chain. While it is not a metal latch, it also doesn’t have to be installed or permanently damages your home like one. TheBoneLock was extensively tested for 5+ years on many doors, many homes, and many pets. Great Pyrenees, Labs, Pit Bulls, Anatolian Shepherds, German Shepherds, and many more, it has worked well with them all. 

But, TheBoneLock is not permanent and is not a foolproof safety device. If the door is hit hard enough, TheBoneLock will most likely not be damaged, but it can release. This has not shown to be a concern for its intended use because it takes a strong, striking force to release, and even the largest dogs learn when corrected. If your big dog is slamming into your door to try and dislodge TheBoneLock, we’re sure you will teach it to stop.

TheBoneLock, however, is never to be used to contain aggressive animals. It should NOT be used to separate children from animals for protection or where ANY time safety is a concern.

Most likely, yes. Cats are like water because, unlike dogs and humans, they have free-floating clavicle bones (collarbone), which allows them to pass their bodies through any space into which they can fit their heads. With the adjustability of TheBoneLock™ if you set the opening just wide enough for your cat to squeeze through, most likely, the dog will not fit.

Although, if your dog is smaller than your cat (measured primarily by head size) then TheBoneLock™ probably won’t stop it. We’re sorry. But, there are so many benefits to TheBoneLock that if you have a door or may encounter one on your travels, think twice before deciding to pick one up or give one as a gift. It’ll cost you less than a meal, and if you use it normally, you should have it forever. That’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

Meh, probably not. We’ve seen many dogs try and fail. On rare occasions, though, big dogs, hyperactive zoomy dogs, and REALLY smart dogs have beat it. The thing is though if they try… correct them, they’ll stop trying. But honestly, they don’t usually have a big enough desire to try hard enough to figure it out. It’s a good deterrent, and for most dogs, that’s enough. 

We’ve even seen professionally trained German Shepherd service dogs who can literally open door knobs with their mouths and not be able to beat TheBoneLock! Right, Donna! :)

But, if you have an aggressive dog, please DON’T use TheBoneLock. It’s NOT a safety device, and if your dog is going to be slamming into the door trying to get through, this is not the device for you.

It’s not likely they will break through it, but a young child may be able to use it. TheBoneLock is rigid and takes some force to unlock, but it is designed for convenience, not childproofing. So if they can reach it, there is that possibility. Parents and pet owners can enjoy a simpler and more convenient alternative to baby gates, pet gates, covered litter boxes, top entry litter boxes, and even litter box furniture with TheBoneLock. Again, it’s not designed for safety or to safely prevent entry.

Currently, TheBoneLock is only available for purchase at Amazon Pay is available at checkout for your peace of mind. All orders are processed & shipped within 24 hours!

We are confident that you will love TheBoneLock and therefore offer a 30 day, hassle-free, money-back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, simply return it and we will credit back the full purchase price (excluding S&H) Click here for our refunds and return policy.

TheBoneLock has undergone no testing for use as a safety measure for babies, children, or any other safety use. It works great in normal circumstances as a deterrent for pets and crawling babies under direct parental supervision, but should NEVER be used when safety is a concern. There are many great products out there for safety, please we encourage you to purchase something for that intended purpose. We just want to make lives easier and better for everyone. Stay safe, use wisely.

Conversations With Our Customers

DISCLAIMER: Please remember, TheBoneLock is a convenience device to improve your quality of life. TheBoneLock is not a safety device for children or animals and should never be used when safety is a concern.