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Eric and Angie from TheBoneLock - pets fixed latch door buddy - alternative to pet door

About the Duttons...

My name is Eric Dutton, and I am the inventor of TheBoneLock and the founder of GoodBuddy, LLC. When I originally invented TheBoneLock in 2014, I was just tired of being hot and miserable all night long while struggling to sleep. We didn’t even have a cat! I know, crazy, right?

My sweet wife, Angie, needed the bedroom door shut so our Lab and Great Pyrenees didn’t walk around the house all night, waking her up. Well, closing the door stopped all the airflow keeping me awake all night, so we were in a “marital stalemate”. Either she was miserable, or I was. It’s hard not to laugh at it now but let’s just say the timeless disagreement of house temperatures between a husband and wife was about to hit the proverbial fan.

Trying to find a solution...

One day, the master bedroom door was left cracked open, and it slammed shut when the air kicked on. Then it hit me, closing the doors wasn’t just an inconvenience. It must be seriously restricting the airflow to the HVAC, which can’t be good for it! A quick internet search on closing interior doors and the effects on HVAC systems confirmed my suspicions.

I found a ton of heating and air companies’ websites with pages describing the negative effects of closing interior doors. I had no idea, but I was decreasing the life of my expensive HVAC system by up to 50%, causing it to create a vacuum that pulled in unconditioned air from windows and doors, even the attic and crawl space where it was pulling in dust, mold, and mildew!

The lack of airflow was causing unbalanced temperatures and causing the system to work harder, increasing my energy bill! I had to find a way to keep the door cracked, firmly held from opening or closing, so Angie and I could be happy and we could avoid all these other negative effects. No wonder my spare bedrooms were always hot and smelled like old cardboard boxes!

But, I didn’t want to alter or damage my home with hardware, sticking things to my painted surfaces, cutting holes in my doors, or stepping over annoying baby gates!

Our favorite dog from TheBoneLock - pets fixed latch door buddy - alternative to pet door
TheBoneLock event Eric from TheBoneLock - pets fixed latch door buddy - alternative to pet door

TheBoneLock was born...

None of the other solutions available was a solid all-in-one solution that held the door firmly cracked open where I wanted it, prevented it from opening or closing, required no damaging installation, and was quickly adjustable for multiple distances; so, the need for TheBoneLock was born.

TheBoneLock is the true all-in-one solution that conveniently holds your door firmly in a cracked position without any alterations to our home. It solved our problem back in 2014 and has worked great for so many dogs and cat parents ever since. We’re confident it will help you, too, so we started the long journey of learning how to get a new product sourced and made here in the USA and available to anyone in need!

I’m so confident you’ll love TheBoneLock, that everyone sold comes with my 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Sincerely,Eric R. Dutton, Owner

DISCLAIMER: Please remember, TheBoneLock is a convenience device to improve your quality of life. TheBoneLock is not a safety device for children or animals and should never be used when safety is a concern.